Ultra Gaming Review: The Ultimate Android Phone For Gamers

Sony is a veteran in the audio segment across different price brackets. You have a wide array of wireless speakers in the mid-price range that start catching your eye, and going further up in the range enhances the sound experience. We have mostly tested soundbars in the affordable segment but when review film Sony decided to let us experience its HT-A series systems for a long stretch, it was too good a chance to refuse. The soundbar comes for Rs 69,990 but if you pick up the subwoofer, Sony is giving you a special price of Rs 83,980 on the bundle.

The Sony HT-A3000 is a 3.1 channel soundbar and the base variant in the lineup sitting along with the A5000 and A7000 soundbar. The company also provided us with the wireless subwoofer and dual satellite speakers that come separately and in this review we talk about the performance, the quality and experience of immersing your space in this high-quality setup.

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