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Curriculum Vitae (CV) eng 4


pi. Biskupi 12 31-050 Krakow tel. 012/22 68 58


Senior Project Engineering position in Corporate Engineering Department with major respon­sibility for multi-million project involving design, installation and start-up of new facilities and equipment.

Work Experience:

1987 to present: SATURN Aluminium Company

Senior Project Engineer (1987 to present) Report to the Manager of Mechanical Engineering with responsibility for design, installation, start-up and debugging of aluminium and magnesium production facilities with emphasis on furnace complex, flash calcining facilities and conveyor material handling systems. Suc­cessfully managed the mechanical design of 20 million furnace complex including coordina­tion with Electrical Engineering Department (project on time and 10% under budget). Re­designed refractory lining in flash calciner resulting in 30% reduction in heat loss from exi­sting units and 45% from new units. Responsible for design, installation and start-up of 18 million furnace. Project currently on time and under budget.

1983 - 1987 Kombinat G6rniczo-Hutniczy „Bolesiaw" Project Engineer (1983-1987)

Reported to Senior Project Engineer with responsibility for design, installation, start-up and

debugging of aluminium manufacturing furnace complex and material handling equipment.

Assisted in the design and start-up of 15 million furnace complex and associated material

handling systems.


Master degree in Mechanical Engineering
Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza, Krakow, 1983
Major: Mechanical Engineering


Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers

Association of Aluminium Manufacturing Engineers


Age 37 Married Excellent Health


Excellent references available upon request.

Hubert 2010-11-20

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