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Curriculum Vitae (CV) eng 3


ul. Wielkopolska 21/3

65-075 Zielona G6ra

tel. 23 24 12


To obtain an entry-level position as an administrative assistant with potential for advancement.



Responsible for budgeting, organizing, scheduling, directing, training, and supervision of entire household; Maintain inventories of all foods and domestic supplies-, Development and implementation of delegation of duties chart; Developed expertise in time management; handle all aspects of human relations, and provide technical assistance in all subject matters for grades K-12.


Performed door-to-door and in-house sales, handled customer service duties. Prepared inhouse product displays. Performed telemarketing sales, handled large sums of cash. Designed and implemented seasonal goods sales and promotions.


Internship (High School)

Elected to position of Chief Executive officer by class members for year-long project which raised over 10 000 zlotys used for business scholarships to outstanding business students. Prepared organizational chart for company and assigned managers and staff members to various departamental duties. Supervised development and implementation of two-phase marketing plan. Developed a formal business plan.


High School Diploma - 1979 High School No. Xll in Poznan


References furnished on request.

Hubert 2010-11-20

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