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Warsaw, April 28, 2000

Albert Niewiadomski ul. Koszykowa 17/34 00-675 Warszawa tel. 022/630-54-17

Mrs. Anna Maria Nowakowska

General Sales Manager

MEDINEX - Zaopatrzenie Medyczne Sp. z o.o.

ul. Krakowska 23

00-932 Warszawa

Dear Mrs. Nowakowska:

I have 8 year's experience selling medical supplies to hospitals.

In this period of time, I've increased sales in my territory from 180,000 to over 1,200,000. The number of accounts has grown from 27 to 72. In addition, I've consistently been one of the top producers in the company out of 58 sales reps nationwide: #11 in 1992, #5 in 1994, and #2 in 1996.

I'm writing to you because I'd like to meet with you to discuss employment opportunities at your company. My Curriculum Vitae is enclosed for your review.

I will give you a call early next week to see if we can schedule an appointment.

Thank you in advance for reviewing my background.

Very truly yours, Albert Niewiadomski

Hubert 2010-11-20

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