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Lublin, April 21, 2009r.

Mariusz Dzikowski ul. Kraszewskiego 8/16 32-648 Lublin tel. /0-81/ 23 43 72

Mr. John Randolf

PrzedsiQbiorstwoProdukcyjno-Handlowe ALASKAN Sp. z o.o. ul. Dobral32 80-746 Gdansk

Dear John:

It was a pleasure to meet with you on April 21 for a detailed discussion of the Assistant Treasurer at Alaskan. I appreciate your having committed so much time from your crowded calendar to so lengthy and thorough an interview.

On the basis of our conversation, I believe that I am an excellent candidate. My background includes extensive experience in corporate banking relations, financing, credit and accounts receivable, and cash management. Having been instrumental in establishing a new Leasing Department at Bank Lubelski and negotiating numerous low-cost financing for Copperweld Corporation, I also conceive and developed a sales finance program which served as a nucleus for a captive finance company. These and other accomplishments have fully prepared me to help me for the tasks you describe to help fund the company's growth in sales and earning.

I can assure you that I am extremely interested in the position and in pursuing the next step with you and your company, as I feel we have a very close fit.

Thanks again for your courtesy and consideration.

With kindest regards, Sincerely, Mariusz Dzikowski

Hubert 2010-11-20

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