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Tarndw, March 22, 2009r.

Robert Witkowski ul. Sebastiana 29/43 33-100 Tarn6w

Mr. Krzysztof Janik

Human Resource Manager

Producent Filtrow

Przemyslowych Sp. z o.o.

ul. Walowa 21

33-100 Tarnow

Dear Mr. Janik:

I am writing today to notify the effective March 22, 2009r.,1 will be resigning as Ouality Assurance Manager of Producent Filtrow Przemyslowych.

Although I regret having to leave such a talented group of people, I feel that this change is necessary in order for me to purse my career goals more aggressively. Thank you, I have had excellent opportunities to grow with company, and I feel some mixed emotions about this situation.

In closing, I thank you and wish you evryone at your company continued succes in the years ahead.

Sincerely, Robert Witkowski

Hubert 2010-11-20

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